1. Is Dr. Raiss accepting new patients?

Dr. Raiss is accepting new patients. All new patient scheduling is done by telephone ONLY (no email). Please call Chris Gniadek at 310-829-4787 if you would like to discuss scheduling an appointment. If you are experiencing  difficulties in scheduling, please email me at jcraiss@gmail.com

2. Are there materials I need to bring to my first visit?

1. A complete list of your current medications.
2. The details of any previous medication trials (name of drug, dosage, how long you took it, benefit and side effects)
3. The names, phone numbers, and/or addresses of your current primary care physician, psychotherapist, and previous treating psychiatrist.
4. For children: psychological testing reports, school report cards.
5. Your insurance information, if you are using insurance
6. Rating scales. If you are an teenager or adult, please complete the PHQ-9, and the ASRS and bring them to the first visit.
If you are a parent, please complete the ADHD Rating Scale-IV, home version and give the school version to your child's teacher to complete.

3. Where can I park?

Paid parking is located behind the building. Enter on 19th Street just north of Wilshire.
2 hour metered parking is available on Wilshire and 18th and 19th Streets just north of Wilshire.
2 hour street parking is available on 18th and 19th Streets north of Wilshire and on California one block north of Wilshire. Read the signs carefully to avoid getting an expensive ticket when the streets are swept for 2 hours each week.

4. Does John C. Raiss see children and adolescents or adults?

Dr. Raiss is board certified in both general psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry. Although the majority of his patients are adults, he does see children and adolescents.

5. What is Dr. Raiss' speciality?


6. How long are the sessions?

The initial consultation is one hour. Subsequent follow up visits are typically 15-30 minutes long depending on the clinical circumstances.