The first visit is a one hour diagnostic evaluation. In the case of children and adolescents, I first meet with the parents and then see the child separately at a second visit. In treating people with mood disorders, it is often very helpful to have the spouse’s input (with the patient’s consent)

Usually one hour is sufficient to form some ideas about what is going on and to begin to explore treatment options. Occasionally a second visit is needed before beginning medication.

Follow-up visits are typically 20 minutes in length, longer if necessary.

Although I do not provide 45-50 minute psychotherapy sessions, I believe most people who are taking medications do better if they are also in psychotherapy. I am happy to help you find a therapist from a list that has been generated by the recommendations of other patients.

It has been documented in the scientific literature that regular physical exercise as well as healthy nutrition is extremely helpful for both one’s physical and mental health. I have listed some useful resources under the Useful Links section.

Materials to bring to my first visit:

  • A complete list of your current medications.
  • The details of any previous medication trials (name of drug, dosage, how long you took it, benefit and side effects)
  • The names, phone numbers, and/or addresses of your current primary care physician, psychotherapist, and previous treating psychiatrist.
  • For children: psychological testing reports, school report cards.
  • Your insurance information, if you are using insurance
  • Rating scales. If you are a teenager or adult, please complete the PHQ-9, the Mood Disorder Questionnaire, and the ASRS and bring them to the first visit.
    If you are a parent, please complete the ADHD Rating Scale-IV, home version and give the school version to your child's teacher to complete.